Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro. The highest peaks of the mountain are, Batian (5199m, 17,057ft)Nelion (5188m,17,021ft), and point Lenana (4985m, 16355ft].

The most ascended peak is point Lenana as is the highest point can be trekked without technical support. The mountain remains accessible throughout the year as even during the long rains, there is usually reliable sunshine for a good portion of the day.

Temperatures vary considerably with height and weather. Daytime temperatures ranging from 5 to 15 degrees while during the night time and on the Summit, be prepared to temperatures at below freezing.

There are three main trekking routes namely;

  • Naromoru,
  • Sirimon and
  • Chogoria routes

These are among others like, Kamweti, Timau and Burguret routes which are not commonly used.

An ascent or descent via Chogoria route is the most spectacular among of all the routes. There is also a Peak Circuit trail which circumnavigates the main peaks giving you all the views from different angles.

Mount Kenya boosts different high altitude alpine vegetation, tropical forest, various large and small wild animals and lots of bird species which spice up the hiking environment to be superb. Mount Kenya is regarded among the beautiful mountains in the world. Let us make arrangements for you based on the main routes.

Itinerary Options

Tour Details

This route on Mount Kenya is the most beautiful and rewarding for hikers interested in spectacular landscapes and exotic fauna and flora. When you camp along this trek it gives you time to local explore around your campsites thus making it enjoyable. This is a sample of itinerary of the route and decent via Sirimon route.

Nairobi – Chogoria town – MtKenya lodge [ 2900 m ]

Leave from your pick up place and drive via the great northern road passing rice plantations and eastern highlands arriving Chogoria town in 4 hrs. It is from this town you will have lunch and meet the rest of your climbing crew (porters) and proceed with the driving through rain forest for about 1hr. The trekkingstarts at bamboo forest to Chogoria park gate and to the lodge. Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

MtKenya lodge – Road head campsite [3300 m ]

After having breakfast , leave the lodgefor road head camping site trekking along a rough road and breathtaking views of vast Mount Kenya vegetations arriving to the campsite in 3 hrs. In the afternoon local explore to Nithi falls and lake Ellis. Lunch, dinner and Overnight at the camp.

Road head camp – Mintos Campsite[ 4200 m ]

After having breakfast, leave the camp to Mintos hut trekking along a single trail through alpine and moorland vegetation. The trek between the two camps there’s no water point so one should have enough water with him. Lunch will have been packed for you. Dinner and night at the camp.

MintosHsut–Point Lenana [ 4985 m ] and down Sirimon route

Wake up at 0200 hrs, have a simple breakfast and hit the trail in the dark for the summit [Point Lenana ] catching up with sunrise on time. At the Summit, this is the most breathtaking moment and unforgettable experience of all. If the weather is very clear, Mt Kilimanjaro is visible from this point. After taking some photos start descending via Sirimon route passing Shiptons Camp (4200m) for breakfast and a little rest.
After you relax, leave the camp trekking down along the Mackinders valley to Old Moses Camp (3300 m) for dinner and overnight. The whole distance from Mintos, Summit to Old Moses takes about 8-10 hrs.

Old Moses Camp – Back to Nairobi

After breakfast, leave the camp hiking along paved road through bamboo and rain forests to Sirimon gate (2600m) in 2 hrs. Check out of the park gate and board a vehicle taking you back to Nairobi or your onward destination. You can also opt for a Zanzibar holiday extension.

Tour Details

Ascending Mount Kenya via Sirimon and decending the Chogoria route is the most breathtaking and rewarding in terms of scenery. Hiking in 5 days 4 nights is most recommended as it allows an acclimatization / resting day on the 3rd day at Shiptons camp. The route becomes a bit harder to most people who are not so physically fit, Old or thosewho don’t hike often because after making to the summit, one supposed to hike for approx 8 – 10 hrs to MountKenya lodge ( last Camp)

Nairobi – Nanyuki – Old Moses camp [ 3300 m ]

Leave from your pick up place at around 8.00 am and drive along via the great northern road of Kenya passing the central highlands toplain lands arriving Nanyuki town in about 4 hrs. Have lunch from this town and meet the rest of climbing crew and continue driving to Mount Kenya National park Sirimon gate for 45 min. Check in the park and start your hiking along a paved road to Old Moses camp in 3 hrs. Dinner and Overnight at the camp.

Old Moses camp – Shiptons camp [4200 m ]

After having breakfast, leave the camp trekking along a single trail crossing Ontulili, Likii and Mackinders valley s arriving to Shiptons camp in 5 – 6 hrs. Lunch will have been packed for you. Dinner and overnight at the camp.

Acclimatization day

It is on this day that you will hike to Hausbergcol [4600 m] in 2 – 3 hrs to acclimatize with altitude and take a rest ahead of the summit. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight at Shiptons camp.

Shiptons camp – Summit [ 4985 m ]–Mt Kenya lodge [2600 m ]  Campsite
Hiking Time: 8 – 10 hours 

Wake up at around 0200 hrs ,take a simple breakfast and hit the trail in the dark reaching to the summit [ Point Lenana ] for a spectacular sunrise. When the weather is so clear, Mount Kilimanjaro is seen at a far distance. After taking some photos, hike down towards Chogoria route via Mintos hut for full breakfast and continuing over the gorges ridge down to Roadhead camping sitefor lunch. After lunch continue to Mount Kenya Meru lodge for dinner and overnight.

Mount Kenya Lodge / Campsite – Nairobi

After having breakfast, leave the lodge and check out of the park gate and proceed hiking down through bamboo forests for 2 hs. Board a vehicle taking you down through the thick rain forest reaching Chogoria town. From here connect with another vehicle taking you back to Nairobi or your onward destination. You can also consider taking our Zanzibar holiday extension package.